I regret to report the passing of Ernie Stinsa in late 2007. He is remembered by his family and those he touched with his life and his art.

His Webmaster

My name is Ernie Stinsa, and I live near St. Charles, Illinois,  a suburb of Chicago. 

This website, a Christmas gift from my children in 2002, gives me a chance to highlight the two most important parts of my life; my family and my art. 

Now that I am retired, I have more time to devote to my art and this website gives me a chance to share it with the world.

As my son Greg says, I am passionate about my art.  I love to work in oil, charcoal, and water color, but I also enjoy sculpting.  My art is my passion.  I paint and sculpt because it allows me to express the way I both value and view my world.

My website is organized into four areas.  Family Pictures contains photographs of my early years.  Galleries I and II contain some of my  paintings, mostly in oil and charcoal, and Gallery III  contains pictures of my sculptures.

Galleries IV, V, and VI were added in the Summer of 2004, and represent my work over the past year or so.

Please browse through my website!  I welcome comments of any kind and you can send me a message by using my clicking on 'contact' in the menu.  In any case, please consider signing my guestbook before you leave.

Thanks for stopping by!



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